Jacki Parry

Remembering Ingram Street exhibitions, including Max Ernst and Art Extraordinary
Clip Title Remembering Ingram Street exhibitions, including Max Ernst and Art Extraordinary
Interviewee Name Jacki Parry
Interviewee Role Founding Member of Glasgow Print Studio in 1972 and user of the Workshop since the premises first opened.
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 7 November 2012
Clip Length 2 minutes 45 seconds


JP: There were a lot of really good exhibitions I remember around that time. The Max Ernst ‘Graphic Works’ was a fantastic exhibition, it was huge. Marvellous work in that. And a very good exhibition of Yugoslavian prints that came from the TATE gallery. I think what happened was that Johnny [Taylor] had been in London, and he came back and said he’d seen this fantastic exhibition and he’d bought the catalogue and when he told this to Calum he said [adopting gruff voice] “oh, we should find out, get it up!” . And there were quite a few prints sold from it. So that was a really interesting one. Then there was an exhibition by Mark Gertler which was largely organised by Susie Robinson who at one point was the chairperson of the committee.Another was the Lowry exhibition,And one that Calum, I think Calum curated himself, of Outsider Art, including Angus McPhee.I think he’s from Uist? He did these exquisite weavings from grass . So, there’s, there’s been another exhibition of his fairly recently. In fact, I think there’s a booklet or a catalogue that goes along with it and I think it says Angus MacPhee, weaver of grass, or something like that. And I have an idea that maybe Joyce Laing was involved? She lived over in Fife and was an art therapist with a particular interest in Outsider Art. She also did a lot of art with people in prisons, there were very few art therapists around to speak of at the time and she was one of them. So, yes that was an interesting one.