Jacki Parry

Calum’s influence and the development of Ingram Street
Clip Title Calum’s influence and the development of Ingram Street
Interviewee Name Jacki Parry
Interviewee Role Founding Member of Glasgow Print Studio in 1972 and user of the Workshop since the premises first opened.
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 7 November 2012
Clip Length 1 minutes 54 seconds


JP: There were evening classes, sometimes weekend classes.Calum knew a lot of people, so for example, when the place moved from St Vincent Crescent to Ingram Street people who he knew, from around town, nothing to do with the arts at all,friends of friends, all that stuff got moved and probably cost a fraction because people were interested in trying to help - he just seemed able to pull people in. A huge number of people did work for us because there wouldn’t have been the money there to pay for it otherwise. It meant that the money we had could go further, elsewhere in the studio. And of course, we would have always been getting a rates refund as well from the Council. But in that Ingram Street building I can remember that there were always leaks coming through the roof and part of the job of the technicians who worked there, or anybody who worked there, was to empty the buckets.

KP: [laughs]

JP: And they did everything, like cleaning the windows, and cleaning the toilets, and sweeping the stair. There were no cleaners like there are now. But you’ve still got a leaky roof, haven’t you? [This is not a verbatim transcript of the interview but it was requested and approved by the interviewee]