Jimmy Cosgrove

Calum’s ethos and role in developing the Print Studio
Clip Title Calum’s ethos and role in developing the Print Studio
Interviewee Name Jimmy Cosgrove
Interviewee Role Founding Member of Glasgow Print Studio in 1972
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 10 January 2013
Clip Length 1 minutes 18 seconds


JC: For me, when Calum took over that was what really established the ethos of the Print Studio. That gave it, um – it gave it a public front. Not just in terms of where it was, and it was better premises and it was in the centre of town, but it announced that printmaking was something to be valued and aspired to and it wasn’t just something that painters would look at and think, “oh I’d like to do a print now”, you know. It was really about flying the flag for printmaking as an innovative, and I think - authentic and valuable medium in its own right. So, you, you we - and at the centre of the arts. You were as likely to come across Alasdair Gray and Bill Forsyth and people like that who were working in different media. Writers, poets, film-makers, you know? I think Bill Forsyth was doing Sinking Feeling at one point, and um. So, Calum was like that, you know? He wasn’t just a gregarious guy – which he was, and hugely entertaining. But he did see the point in having the Print Studio at the centre of the arts.