Elspeth Lamb

Beth and Sheena as Co-Directors of the St Vincent Crescent premises
Clip Title Beth and Sheena as Co-Directors of the St Vincent Crescent premises
Interviewee Name Elspeth Lamb
Interviewee Role Early member of the Print Studio from St Vincent Crescent and worked as etching and lithography technician in the first location and Ingram Street.
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 14 June 2018
Clip Length 1 minutes 8 seconds


EL: Sheena and Beth were directors. I think that’s something that eh, that’s never made clear. They were directors, they were co-directors running it together. And I was there so I do remember! They were in charge. But there were, there was a board of people also, and you know obviously they were overseeing what went on. I think you’ve got all the board members names now? They kind of co-ran it you know? Each, obviously they had young children so it wasn’t easy they were, you know, but they kind of divvied up the responsibility. I mean they did get grants. I don’t know if the grants were done kind of jointly then or whether it was Philip and Beth that – they got money from Gulbenkian, I can’t remember who else and then eventually of course the Arts Council. But, I don’t know when – but when it was the Scottish Arts Council, but I don’t know what year that would be. But I think the Gulbenkian money went towards equipment, well you know they got the Rochat etching press, which is still working in the Studio.