Sheena McGregor

Setting up at St Vincent Crescent and getting the premises ready
Clip Title Setting up at St Vincent Crescent and getting the premises ready
Interviewee Name Sheena McGregor
Interviewee Role Founding member of Glasgow Print Studio in 1972 and ran the workshop in the first premises, alongside Beth Fisher.
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 12 June 2013
Clip Length 1 minutes 20 seconds


SM: It was all quite idealistic. You know there was a lot of - there was about twelve of us, or maybe ten of us and we’d huge cheques because we all had to sign all the cheques and it just got nonsensical. But it was, I think it did start off that we- we didn’t have particularly have roles. Everybody had to do everything. So it started very much as a cooperative. So I actually found the premises in St Vincent Crescent. And then we just had work parties. And painted it and I remember Bill Blacker building a huge structure for the- the wash-hand basin and ach it was just really good and we all just mucked in. ‘Cause there wasn’t much money. And it was kind of basic. It was a ground fl- it wasn’t – people call it a basement. It was a ground floor and basement. In St Vincent Crescent and it had been an electricians but –Beth and I went to London and bought the big litho press and – we’d a wonderful press engineer came up from London and installed it. It was on like railway, it was on rail tracks. Yeah, to spread the weight and put all the presses in and then had opening exhibitions. I think Clare Henry was involved and it was very much, it was just very exciting. It was a very exciting time. It was a time that people felt you could do these things. That people could just get something going, get it started and - it was, yeah, it was a good time.