Elspeth Lamb

People and groups using the Ingram Street Studios
Clip Title People and groups using the Ingram Street Studios
Interviewee Name Elspeth Lamb
Interviewee Role Early member of the Print Studio from St Vincent Crescent and worked as etching and lithography technician in the first location and Ingram Street.
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 14 June 2018
Clip Length 1 minutes 55 seconds


EL: When we made the move to Ingram street, there was a chap called [clears throat] Bill McNamara, who was an extremely gifted potter, he started - he got a kiln together and another chap Colin [Wilson] – can’t remember Colin’s second name, it’s terrible – but they started up ceramics and Bill produced a lot of work from there, yeah. But the upstair - and yes and at the back of Ingram Street there were studios and quite a few painters moved in. There was two very talented young textile designers as well. I think Peter Anderson was the name of one and his girlfriend, and so it was just like, there was all this really interesting stuff going on. And upstair there was studios, well that was where there was like, John Byrne and Liz Lochhead. [pauses] I can’t remember the name, there was a group of them writers, poets, got – had a sort of group and they would meet up in the top floor at Ingram Street.

KP: So was that part of the GPS Press [Writer’s group]? Or, maybe not John Byrne. I know Liz Lochhead had something published underneath that in print?

EL: It could have been what Calum [MacKenzie] called it, yeah. Yeah, probably.

KP: So it was really just a kind of meeting of writers then, that were meeting regularly?

EL: Yes. So they had their independent group but then Calum obviously thought it might be an idea to do some kind of collaboration. Maybe that’s where the idea for putting on the plays came from too. Although John Byrne of course had already made an etching at the St. Vincent Street [premises], so I guess, you know – that kind of connection, he always had that sort of connection with the Print Studio.