Jacki Parry

The staff and artist members working at St Vincent Crescent
Clip Title The staff and artist members working at St Vincent Crescent
Interviewee Name Jacki Parry
Interviewee Role Founding Member of Glasgow Print Studio in 1972 and user of the Workshop since the premises first opened.
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 7 November 2012
Clip Length 2 minutes 23 seconds


JP: Beth really headed up the whole thing, and she was like the main sort of administrator, and she was an etcher. And so, if there was any money it was pretty minimal. She was on the staff. And her husband Nick Fisher did a lot of work on the building unpaid of course, voluntarily. And Sheena did litho, and was on the staff sharing the admin with Beth. Also on the staff was Bill Blacker who did etching along with Elspeth Lamb and John Taylor did silkscreen. I remember that Bill McNamara at some point was the treasurer but I think that was maybe later, after we moved to Ingram Street. And an artist called Ronnie Forbes, I don’t know if you’ve come across him. I remember that he was the first paid up artist member aside from the founder members. I remember a very early litho that he did there. Carole Bowen worked there as an artist. She worked mainly in litho. Ione Heath an artist lived further along the Crescent. Christine Doyle worked there, and she was a teacher, but she worked there part-time. Clare Henry came around at that point. Another one was Rita McGurn. As I said Gregor Smith was around a bit. And John Bellany had some etchings published that were printed there by Ellie. But I don’t remember him working there. [This is not a verbatim transcript of the interview but it was requested and approved by the interviewee]