Sheena McGregor

Barrowfield School using the St Vincent Crescent Workshop
Clip Title Barrowfield School using the St Vincent Crescent Workshop
Interviewee Name Sheena McGregor
Interviewee Role Founding member of Glasgow Print Studio in 1972 and ran the workshop in the first premises, alongside Beth Fisher.
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 29 October 2018
Clip Length 1 minutes 6 seconds


SM: What I really liked was when Brian McGeoch brought in all those boys from the truancy school, from Barrowfield. That was, that was new to me, this idea that we probably had a little bit of a responsibility towards our community? They did really amazing work. They were so lively, but we’d to frisk them on the way out, they were forever stealing the engravers. And that was something that was probably, I wanted from the start, and there was an element, a kind of male element, that were saying “pooh-pooh, we don’t want weans in here” but I, I always thought that that’s probably - when I was kinda getting a bit fed up with it, that it was only going to be for artists, ‘cause I don’t think that - that’s not the way I think the world is. You know, if you’re getting public money you should be having some kind of, you know - it’s a community you’re part of. I think that doesn’t do artists any good when they act in that kinda slightly, as if they’re, I don’t know, not quite part of the rest of the world. They should be supported but they don’t - it’s very one sided.