Elspeth Lamb

Workshop Exchanges around 1990 for the City of Culture, and earlier
Clip Title Workshop Exchanges around 1990 for the City of Culture, and earlier
Interviewee Name Elspeth Lamb
Interviewee Role Early member of the Print Studio from St Vincent Crescent and worked as etching and lithography technician in the first location and Ingram Street.
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 14 June 2018
Clip Length 1 minutes 8 seconds


EL: There was an office set up somewhere, near here [King Street] actually. And they had a sort of – they had a lovely young woman, a German woman called Petra Firsching that was running – she was sort of, organised all these artist exchanges. There was loads of people, like Johnny [Taylor] and Jacki [Parry] made really good links with Germany, and Dougie [Thomson], they all went over to Nuremburg and various German and French artists came over here it was an absolute hoot. And then there was Russian artists came to work here as well. But I’ve got a feeling the Russian artists – I think they came over when we were in, still in Ingram Street. I’m sure that’s when a group came over, but again Johnny would remember. Maybe it wasn’t, maybe – but definitely German artists came over when we were in Ingram Street I remember and there was quite a few links made between artists then. It was a really good time to be around actually I must say. But then there was a lot more money around then that was the thing.