Elspeth Lamb

Editioning an etching with Alasdair Gray
Clip Title Editioning an etching with Alasdair Gray
Interviewee Name Elspeth Lamb
Interviewee Role Early member of the Print Studio from St Vincent Crescent and worked as etching and lithography technician in the first location and Ingram Street.
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 14 June 2018
Clip Length 0 minutes 57 seconds


EL: Occasionally I was asked to help out over the summer. I seem to remember Jacki Parry and I were in charge one summer, and then eventually I got involved editioning – I mean etching was my main thing then although I had done [clears throat] lithography as well. But, I started off – one of the first editions I made was with Alasdair Gray –

KP: Oh, okay.

EL: – which was a kind of, an experience to remember! [laughter]

KP: Do you know what the – do you remember what the print was?

EL: I don’t but what I do remember was we started off with a fair sized plate, and we ended up with a really tiny plate at the end of the day because he kept wanting to chop it down –

KP: [laughs]

EL: – and put it back in the acid, and then rework it. It was just the way Alasdair works I mean he’s very obsessive, well, aren’t we all. Yeah but we just ended up with this sort of like A4 image after having started on a massive etching plate.