John Taylor

Teaching Screenprint classes and getting students to make their screens
Clip Title Teaching Screenprint classes and getting students to make their screens
Interviewee Name John Taylor
Interviewee Role Associated since 1973, John’s involvement included teaching classes and producing a range of screen print editions and other commercial print jobs.
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 20 March 2013
Clip Length 1 minutes 26 seconds


JT: I mean, I think I had to take these evening class students for ten weeks. Which is quite a long time. So the first thing they did, was they built their own screen. Again, we had this really nice yellow pine from the sweat factory which the workshop had been before. So they built it out of that, then they stretched the screen. By hand. I showed them how to tack it with a tack gun. Then it was just on a board with hinged screens. Which meant they were able to print without the luxury of a vacuum table, which meant you could go into any community role, where you don’t have all that smart-arsed equipment, and get a result. Even just by stopping out, painting directly onto the screen. Jacki had a class out in Bearsden, I think it was, and they used paper stencils. And some of the results were unbelievable! My paper stencils were always very dodgy! [they laugh] Of course the oil-based ink was more conducive to paper stencils than the water-based is. [This is not a verbatim transcript of the interview but it was requested and approved by the interviewee]