Philip Reeves

Money making ideas in Ingram Street
Clip Title Money making ideas in Ingram Street
Interviewee Name Philip Reeves
Interviewee Role Founding member of Glasgow Print Studio in 1972 and regular workshop user until his death in 2017. Philip also helped found Edinburgh Printmakers and was formerly Head of Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art.
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 15 September 2010
Clip Length 1 minutes 13 seconds


KP: A big help in actually promoting printmaking as well, that you had a space and you were able to sell works…

PR: That’s right

KP: …in a kind of public space.

PR: Oh yes, oh yes, yes it was, it was…oh yes it was very good. We did, we did - certainly in Ingram Street, we did, yes we did have a gallery. In fact some of the artists got quite interesting ideas at that time, you know? Not only to create things but perhaps to get a bit of money. You know, they had sort of pullovers with images on from the press and things. I was a bit horrified actually, [laughter] I am very – I am rather old fashioned, I would rather see the creative stuff on paper. But anyway at least - I think the Arts Council were quite happy cause they could see that we weren’t just accepting money from the Arts Council, we were trying to make money from our work. And of course, that’s so now, isn’t it?