Sheena McGregor

Events at Ingram Street and the performance of John Byrne’s play Writer’s Cramp
Clip Title Events at Ingram Street and the performance of John Byrne’s play Writer’s Cramp
Interviewee Name Sheena McGregor
Interviewee Role Founding member of Glasgow Print Studio in 1972 and ran the workshop in the first premises, alongside Beth Fisher.
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 29 October 2018
Clip Length 1 minutes 23 seconds


SM: Oh it was amazing. And I think - see that’s where Calum was, because Calum had that kind of mind that wasn’t just about prints. You know I think, sometimes you get - prints are fabulous but there’s other things. And I think the fact that Calum was part of the, this bigger community of artists and writers….um, but I remember going to see ‘Writer’s Cramp’, and I think because of the way Ingram Street was, ‘cause it was a bit scruffy and run down. It was just great

KP: So this was the first performance of it, I think. Was there some kind of set, like put up in the gallery space, or…?

SM: It felt as though it was just in the corner of the room! [laughter] And Bill Paterson just kinda, shuffling about, but it was completely amazing to watch. And being able to be so close to an actor….you know, and it would have just been done informally. I presume it was done in the Studio, in the Gallery part, but I just remember it being kind of in a corner. There was no – I don’t remember a stage even. But I’ve always been really interested in theatre, in contemporary theatre, so that, I thought that link to the Studio was really good

KP: And do you know if there were any other plays or different kind of cultural things that were put on that you can remember?

SM: Not so much. But I do remember the openings were good. They were Sunday afternoons I think, but eh, very busy, and good work, loads of interesting work