Bill Blacker

Impressions of the Ingram Street workshop and area
Clip Title Impressions of the Ingram Street workshop and area
Interviewee Name Bill Blacker
Interviewee Role Founding Member of Glasgow Print Studio in 1972. Worked in the St Vincent Crescent and Ingram Street locations.
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 6 November 2018
Clip Length 1 minutes 10 seconds


BB: Aye, well it wasn’t as, as gentrified as it is now. I mean that end of the town… there was lots of clothing factories. In fact, my mother worked in one just along the road. So lots of bits were quite run down, because a lot of these factories had moved out to newer industrial estates and so on that were better facilities for them, and all these old textile factories were left in the centre of Glasgow. So, the area wasn’t great. Even at lunchtime finding a decent pub was a struggle at times [laughter]. So, the area, hmm… if you walked around that area… I mean it is quite old, a lot of those streets go back to the tobacco lords and so on. And very run down. The atmosphere in the, Ingram Street was nothing like this [current Trongate 103 premises], it wasn’t as bright. Okay, it was adequate lighting and so on, and good, big windows. But it really was pretty dowdy. But that didn’t seem to matter, I mean it was a work environment. It wasn’t essential that everything was pristine.