First Impressions

Image: Glasgow Print Studio staff and members, 1993. Front row from the left are Tom McKenzie, John Drugan, Dominic Snyder, Douglas Thomson, Philip Reeves, Jillian Booth, Harry Magee (seated), Murray Robertson (seated), [second row] Thorkild Havmoller, George Todd, John Ferry, Jo Ganter, Janie Nicoll, David Watt, Jill Addison. The group of people to the right of the press is (L-R) Jimmy Greer, Jonathan Cassels, Paul Cassidy, Iona Montgomery and Jim Jones. The man with the glasses behind them is Konstantin Chmutin. Standing on the press (L to R) are Ruth Greer, John Mackechnie, Deran Fenwick. (Photo © Glasgow Print Studio, ref. GLAPS.2011.447.1)


Image: John Taylor taking a Screenprint class, 1985 (Photo © Glasgow Print Studio, ref. GLAPS.2011.395)
Image: Etching class in Ingram Street, around 1986 (Photo © Glasgow Print Studio, ref. GLAPS.2012.121)
Image: Eveleen Wright in the King Street workshop, 1990 (Photo © Glasgow Print Studio, ref. GLAPS.2112.76.8)
Image: Meal in King Street Gallery for Hogmanay 1989 (Photo © Glasgow Print Studio, ref. GLAPS.2011.291)